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White Label NFT Marketplace

White label NFT Marketplace


NFT marketplace is a platform in which users, like sellers and consumers, put their bids and trade on different NFTs’. WhiteLabel NFT marketplace means a specific business-oriented marketplace that is specially customized to meet business requirements.  

 How does White label NFT Marketplace work?

Creating NFTs’: With our White label NFT marketplace service, you can easily create single or multiple NFTs by integrating wallets and listing them on the dashboard to place bids.

 Exploring store: Users can also choose NFTs from feed and buy it. However, they can mark their favorite NFTs from their feed as favorites and purchase it later.

 Wallet Integration: Integrating wallet to the marketplace helps users to securely transact the amount to others and make their purchase safely .

 Bid: Users can place bids on their favorite NFTs at the time of auction and buy them from their white label NFT marketplace.

Benefits of white-label NFT Marketplace 

  1. With white label NFT marketplace, you can choose an existing business idea, and restructure it according to market needs, which could overcome the problems of existing platforms and do better in terms of security and give better user experience.
  2. White Label service makes easy to customize the code and make a new business model in a little time.
  3. Unlike the existing NFT marketplace, the application will be tested and all the bugs shall be removed and it will provide better high end security, UI and UX.

Features of our white-label NFT Marketplace Development

  • Exploring NFTs: Users can explore their feeds and choose which NFT collection or category they like and also save it. They can also browse the category of their choice and participate in the auction.
  • Wallet Integration: A separate wallet is integrated in the NFT marketplace to securely make the transactions. This wallet can safely hold all types of cryptocurrencies and can help in monitoring the currencies.
  • Filtration: Buyers also have the facility to choose the specific category of NFTs they like and can place their bid on. Moreover, they also choose the price range, availability, and particular type of NFTs.
  • Advance Admin Dashboard: This is a very special feature of white-label NFT marketplace development. Being a fully customizable platform, admins can easily manage assets, payments, and even blacklisting.
  • High-end Security: Security is the major element in any marketplace development. With our white-label NFT marketplace development, we provide prominent security features like adding multiple security layers, data encryption, and much more.
  • NFT rankings: Our white-label NFT marketplace has an advanced feature of putting NFTs to the top which have higher ranking and trading volume as compared to others.
  • Bidding: NFT marketplace allows users to participate in an auction and place bids on different NFTs of various popular and custom categories.

Workflow of NFT marketplace white label

Registering Identity: Firstly, to make safe transactions after buying NFT from one wallet to another, users have to register themselves to the decentralized marketplace which is integrated with a crypto wallet and can go well with trading platforms.

Listing: After registering themselves to a marketplace account and digital wallet, users can upload their collection of their NFTs and list it to the public. They can either upload single or multiple NFTs at a time and make funds out of it.

Crypto Selection: Listing down all the NFTs is not enough, now it’s time to decide the type of payment a user wants to receive. He/She can choose which cryptocurrency to opt for accepting the transactions as payment. 

Buying NFT: After browsing the desired NFT or public collection, users may find two types of NFT pricing, fixed and auction price. If the price is fixed, users can buy their desired NFT while, in case of auction rate, buyers can take part in the auction and place a bid to buy NFT. 

Transferring NFT: If a user is done with buying NFT, a smart contract present in the marketplace will automatically allow it to transfer the NFT from the seller’s wallet to the buyer’s wallet securely also, maintaining transparency.

Whitelabel NFT Marketplace Development


Whitelabel NFT Marketplace Development 

Unlock the hidden potential of blockchain and trading with our whitelabel NFT marketplace development solutions. Our expert team will help you to undiscover the unique features of NFTs’ and how they will give a rising edge to your business. We work on agile technologies to accomplish our tasks and ensure that you get the best user experience and design. Our main goal is to provide on-demand solutions that suit well for your business goals and improve your market scope.

Whitelabel NFT marketplace development service we provide:

NFT marketplace for Gamers.

NFT marketplace for Sports.

NFT marketplace for Art.

NFT marketplace for Media.

NFT marketplace for Real-estate.

What will you get?

NFT creation: With our whitelabel NFT marketplace, you will get a choice to create a NFT of your choice. You can choose a single NFT or a collection to list it down for trade.  

Advance Dashboard: Get the powered dashboard with access to all the features like asset management, money control, detailed analytics, performance measure and much more.

Wallet integration: You will use integrated wallets like Torus, Metamask or Wallet Connect  with our whitelabel NFT marketplace to buy or trade any NFT.

 Security enabled: We never compromise with user data security. Therefore, we integrate multiple encryptions, firebases and additional security layers to maintain confidentiality. 

Custom integrations: Got any on demand requirements? We have got you covered. Our team makes sure that you will get every possible demand fulfilled.

Why us for your NFT whitelabel marketplace?

Complete Consultancy:  Our business analyst team will deeply research your project and give you a complete solution of budgeting, development, deployment, future scope and recommendations of the project. We make sure you get the top-notch solutions to your every problem.

Token Generation: WIth our NFT whitelabel marketplace services, you can get access to automated generated tokens. Moreover, you can demand custom tokens of your preferred technology and needs and our team can build that for you as well.

Multiple asset standard: We give a supreme functionality of designing any type of real world asset to a NFT and sell it on the marketplace. These may include all the possible types like GIF, images and all the industries like Real-estate, art, music, fashion etc.

White label development: White label apps are the trendiest business model every new business owner is looking for. This reduces the deployment time and cost to think and build a new business idea. Our team provides full support on building white label apps for the NFT whitelabel marketplace.

Multiple Transaction modes: We take care of security standards sincerely. Therefore, we integrate multiple cryptocurrency transaction modes in an application to make it accessible to every other platform.

Integrated Security: Although Our NFT whitelabel marketplace development service involves restructuring of existing business models, we never compromise users’ security. We check out the existing bugs in the application and improve the application security by adding additional layers of security.  

White label NFT marketplace development company

BlockchainRabbit is a leading White label NFT marketplace development company. A marketplace is a platform where users can list their products and buy, sell or bid their assets to the world.  Our core expertise is to develop custom and white label NFT marketplaces where users can do all the activities from buying to bidding the NFTs. However, we make our full efforts on application security by adding various encryption layers and security algorithms. Our developing team makes sure that these NFT marketplaces can accept a number of cryptocurrencies in their wallet as a payment method. We give our best to maintain the transparency and security of the NFT Marketplace. Our expert team can proficiently work with a plethora of blockchain networks like Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Cardano and others. 

Our NFT Marketplace Features:

Being a White label NFT marketplace development company, we make a list of all the features of developing a Marketplace and reiles on that protocol. Our main concerns are:

Better User experience: We work on developing NFT marketplaces that are thoroughly user centric and provide a hustle free workflow of application. This may include buy, sell, minting or bidding on the NFTs.

User Authentication: We truly believe in user’s data privacy. That’s why we have integrated 2F authentication to securely login to the application. Moreover, we use smart contracts to ensure users get complete ownership of their assets.

Multiple NFT type support: Our professional team makes sure that users get complete control over the type of asset they want to sell. This means, users can easily make NFTs of their choice. This may include GIF, Image, Video etc and sell it to the marketplace without any problem.

White label NFT Marketplace Development Company

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