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Blockchain Development Consulting Services

Blockchain Development Consulting


With BlockchainRabbit, you are assured to get the best blockchain development consulting through our expert team. We follows the following approach during consultancy: 


Product Research: Our blockchain development consulting includes the first step of consultation as Product research. We deeply understand your product and how it will solve the problems around and add value to consumers lives. Along with that, we checks out the key problems that will associate with the product and plan strategic solutions to solve them.


Costing: After making a thorough report of product, we give a custom plan and budget to our clients as per the project demands. We uses the best tools to develop your application and make sure that you get the best product in a most cost-effcetive range.  


Development: We use agile technologies to develop your application. Our expert team always make a timely coordinations with the clients and work according to their requirements. We make sure that you will get the bug-free , secure and a transparent platform at the time of your application deployment.

Launch: Our quality analyst team make sure that development is error-free and serves best in the actual run-time. we also offers custom support of 24*7 to all our clients. Moreover, we provide post-launch support service to the products. This means, even after deployment we still continues to give client support to make sure that the application is working fine and work on its updates.

Blockchain Development Projects

Blockchain is the rising and demanding technology among every industry. It uses the hash algorithms that connect each node to make a linked list and store the data in those chain of blocks. These blocks are shared among every node of the p2p network. However, altering the data inside blockchain is tough because of distributed ledger technology as it needs verification from each node to change the information residing inside the blocks, which is next to impossible. Those verification is done by solving cryptographic programs which require higher mathematical skills and hard work.  

Every industry these days has upgraded its security algorithms by adopting blockchain in their industries. Its benefits are such that it keeps the track of every transaction by maintaining transparency. Following are the Blockchain development projects that are structured among industries.

  1. Banking and Trading: With Blockchain, you can now sell, borrow, trade, and secure your transactions and trading process which will make your trading experience faster and more transparent moreover, reducing the risk of information loss. 
  2. Education: When it comes to storing quantities of data, blockchain can ease the workload with its awesome functionality. You can now track students’ data and access it anytime hustle-free with blockchain properties. 
  3. Healthcare:  Healthcare is the higher accepter of blockchain because of its reliability. With the use of blockchain properties, data sharing among larger platforms becomes valid and can help in better and cost-effective treatment. 
  4. Real Estate: Blockchain eliminates middleman involvement and makes the paperwork error-free and time-saving. Blockchain applications can help in ensuring that all the paperwork or documents are verified. 
  5. Voting: Implementing blockchain in voting systems can help in winning the potential candidates by verifying the user’s identity and avoiding the risk of spamming by opposite parties.


Blockchain Development Projects

Blockchain Development Solutions

Blockchain Consulting: We offer blockchain consulting solutions for a plethora of industries. We thoroughly understand your custom or Whitelabel needs and work dedicatedly on them. We examine the key expertise of your project and offer innovative solutions to make your project successful.

ICO Consulting: BlockchainRabbit also helps you to run several ICO campaigns as per your demands and needs. From writing whitepapers to developing MVP, you will get top-notch experience that will transform your business to another level.

Cryptocurrency wallets: We develop high-end security-enabled crypto wallets DApps to store every type of cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, users can send, receive and also track their wallet balance and purchase history.  

Exchange Solutions: With our key specialty in building secure platform exchange solutions, you will get a highly encrypted medium with a multi-signature wallet for your cryptocurrency exchange. 

Smart contract development: Our Smart contract development team understands the power of your business and develops smart contracts that cut down your cost and manpower thus making your system automate by eliminating third-party involvement.

Blockchain software development: We consistently work on building blockchain software which works well on both mobile and web. We develop fully-fledged decentralized applications that exactly meet your custom requirements and help your business grow faster than others.

Custom blockchain development: Being a custom blockchain development company, we check for your requirements and test use cases for the same. Further, we develop prototypes and custom developments taking care of all the blockchain properties which are best suited for your business, in terms of security and management.

Hyperledger development: Hyperledger technology relies where enterprises need their custom blockchain system. The motive of hyperledger is to offer advanced security, transparency, functionality and scalability to a project. However, this can be implemented in many sectors like Healthcare, Finance, Retail etc.

Blockchain Development Studio

Blockchain is a futuristic approach of storing data inside a p2p network using a distributed ledger technology. With blockchain, it becomes hard to alter or hack the data. BlockchainRabbit is a blockchain development studio that offers blockchain services like,

Blockchain consulting: Our expert team understands your business needs and figures out how blockchain can support the growth of your business. We note down your requirements, showcase our market research and implement the best to give your application the super power of security and transparency.

We consult the following blockchain services:

  • Blockchain development.
  • Use cases of Blockchain .
  • Need for Blockchain .

Public Blockchain Development: Blockchain that are public or open source are public blockchains. These use a decentralized approach and allow anyone to participate in the network as users.Moreover they can get access to every node and add blocks as per their choice and use PoW(proof of work) or PoS(Power of stake) algorithms to validate them. The major advantages of public blockchains are:

  • True Transparency.
  • Decentralized.
  • Immutable.

Examples of Public Blockchains: 

  • Bitcoin.
  • Litecoin.
  • Ethereum.

Semi-Private Blockchain Development: Also called Hybrid Blockchain, Private Blockchains are those whose half of the part of blockchain is public and is accessible to users and they can participate in them. They can make changes, add blocks, validate them. Another part of blockchain is privatized and is only  shared with a few participants.


  • Better security
  • Maintains consistency for both public and private blockchains.


IBM Food Trust

Private Blockchain Development: Private blockchains are useful for those businesses who want to hide their confidential data from public networks but can share limited pieces of information to the public. Private blockchains are centralized, which means they are controlled by a single organization or individual. These blockchains grant limited access to users and use in business or enterprises to solve complex problems. 


  • Faster transactions.
  • Better security.
  • Less likely to prone attacks.

Examples of Private Blockchains:

  • Ripple .
  • Hyperledger .
  • R3 Corda.

Consortium Blockchain Development: Consortium blockchains are more decentralized than private blockchains. Organizations which show the same business agenda follow the path of Consortium blockchain development, in order to maintain data transparency and workflow. It helps to regulate the goals and challenges of an enterprise and work effectively on it. Consortium blockchains are governed by multiple organizations than one, which is in the case of private blockchains.


  • Data security.
  • Common way to relay information.

Organizations supporting Consortium blockchain development:

  • Logistics.
  • Finance.
  • Healthcare.

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