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What is Blockchain Development?‚Äč

Blockchain Development

Blockchain uses decentralization that is operated on distributed ledger technology for securing the platform. Unlike traditional ledger, blockchain database is shared among thousands of users. However, the series of blocks are connected to each other forming a chain. These blocks consist of hash values that are cryptographically encoded and linked to the previous block. These blocks validate the process before making any further transactions. Thus, helps in data security and integrity. 


Researchers have proved several advantages of Blockchain Development in Financial sector. Although the database is widely spread over thousands of people, only involved parties can see the transaction details which leave no time for altering the transaction externally. The current market value of Blockchain is more than 5 billion USD and is expected to grow by 26 bn USD by 2026. However, the uses of blockchain is not limited to the financial sector but have opened up its advantages to many other sectors like healthcare, gaming, mobile payments and more.


Blockchain can be developed on many platforms like Hyperledger, EOS, Qtum, Tezos, Ethereum which is the most favorable. Our engineering team can handle any kind of blockchain development that includes web 3, smart contract development, DApp Development in almost every sector.

Why do Businesses Need Blockchain?

Blockchain is a cutting-edge technology transforming businesses in a digital world

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Blockchain is facilitating industries with an efficient business model with greater transparency and enhanced security.

High Demand

High Demand

Today, blockchain development has become an essential part for every business. You must have a secure and robust infrastructure that is capable of handling complex data effectively.

Business Automation

Business Automation

With blockchain development, you can have a decentralized, scalable, and secured system, which can automate your business processes and prevent data-tampering and fraud entry.

Blockchain in Development Countries

Following are some of the benefits of Blockchain in Devloping countries that can overcome the issues faced by different nations.

Lower Transaction Costs

Traditional transactions costs more due to centralization. Blockchain Technology cuts down the cost of transaction by eviting the central authority making it an independent entity among both the parties. This allows people get lower costs of transactions among currencies in less time, making the process faster.

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Reducing Fraud

Blockchain has a feature of  transparency that allow the involved parties to get a record of the transaction they have made. Hash code presents in blocks disables the transaction history to be appeared among the public and encodes it with a serial number which is impossible to crack.This benefits in, overcoming institutional problems like corruption.

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Healthcare Improvement

Healthcare is the biggest sector where blockchain can benefits.  Blockchain in Devloping countries has minimal resources to help people get adequate health care services. This will also improves transparency, tamper-proof system and tracking healthcare supplies.

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Better Institution

Blockchain can be implemented into voting systems which benefits the country in many ways. For instance, every year billions of rupees are spent on placing voting systems, logistics and manual voting. However, these all can be replaced with an online voting system that will cut down their every year cost to one time which will save other miscellaneous costs.

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Developing a Blockchain

Before Developing a Blockchain Application, it is important to make sure, what kind of problem your app is going to solve. Although blockchain has been implemented in a number of industries because of its transparency and security features, developers should sincerely measure whether it is really automating the systems. Before Developing a blockchain here is a checklist to follow:

blockchain development


Nevertheless, blockchain is not limited to the financial sector now. Many industries have considered it as a root source to safeguard users’ data. But make sure your idea is feasible, accurate, and is able to solve the problem, it has been designed for. It is crucial to know blockchain requires heavy resources to build therefore, your idea must be well-researched.


Nevertheless, blockchain is not limited to the financial sector now. Many industries have considered it as a root source to safeguard users’ data. But make sure your idea is feasible, accurate, and is able to solve the problem, it has been designed for. It is crucial to know blockchain requires heavy resources to build therefore, your idea must be well-researched.

blockchain development-developing phase


After the development is complete, we also suggest ideas to our clients, on how to monetize the application effectively. We make sure the blockchain application fits accurately in real-world scenarios and generate the desired revenue.


Benefits Blockchain Application Development can Bring to Your Business

Decentralized Structure

A blockchain solution helps your business to have a decentralized network where an exact copy of the data is shared within the ecosystem in the form of distributed ledger instead of relying on a single central server.

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Reduced Cost

Blockchain solutions eliminate the need for any middleman and third-party vendors. You can plug new members or partners into your digital ecosystem and cut the operational costs charged by the third-parties.

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Blockchain decentralized nature removes the risk of any third-party source, providing a higher degree of privacy and security to your business. The data is end-to-end encrypted and protects the system from any fraud and unauthorized activity.

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Tokenization can provide a competitive edge to your business bringing liquidity and credibility into the system. Blockchain allows you to tokenize any asset you want, ensuring transparency and efficiency in the digital ecosystem.

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A blockchain solution benefits your system with 100% transparency. An application built on a blockchain platform ensures that your business information is secured and is not compromised.

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Automate your business workflow by developing a blockchain solution. Blockchain eradicates manual methods, speeds up the business process, reduces human errors, and eventually saves operational costs.

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Security First

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Great Transaction

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Why Choose Us?

We have expertise in building a promising blockchain application that can lead you to new business opportunities.

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Develop Blockchain Application

Our experts are proficient in developing blockchain solutions customized to your business requirements.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are self-executing contracts where the code runs on blockchain and triggers the action when a predetermined set of conditions are met. We use technologies like Etherium, Solana, Olivin to write, test and deploy smart contracts to make the processes more traceable, safe, and secure.

Blockchain Development

Discrete and secure your digital information with blockchain. We develop reliable, robust, and cost-effective blockchain solutions to automate your workflow and safeguard your business information from malicious attacks and online threats.

DApps Development

We develop decentralized applications that are reusable and run on p2p networks. Our team can help to build a completely new DApp for your business or can migrate the already existing business to the desired blockchain platform. Our main motive is to advise the best-suited platform that can maintain transparency in the application.

Blockchain Consulting

 Our team of experts always helps our potential clients to give a complete roadmap of Blockchain Development. We note down your business requirements and build as per your brand infrastructure. We also make proper research on the hurdles and possible bugs that can affect the blockchain application and gives an overview of how we can overcome them.

Cryptocurrency Development

We are the best cryptocurrency development company in India offering a platform with advanced security features. We offer premium cryptocurrency development services to provide you with a scalable system offering fast and secure online transactions.

DeFi Development

We provide the DeFi development services to ensure that you have a robust and secure system to make the financial transactions without relying on any central authority.

ICO Development

Launch your own ICO and bring excellence to your business. We offer Initial Coin Offering (ICO) development services to maximize the opportunities for your business. We provide end-end solutions from idea, research, and implementation

STO Development

Raise funds for your business venture and investors all across the globe using Security Token Offering (STO). We offer advanced STO development services helping you to tokenize your real-world assets through a secured blockchain ledger, compliant with SEC. We take care of the whole STO development process from scratch till the end.

NFT Marketplace Development

We provide top-tier design and development services to build an NFT Marketplace where you can buy and sell your exclusive digital assets. We create a user-friendly interface and back-end development solution to provide you with a seamless online trading experience.

Wallet Development

Our professional development team can help you build secure wallet  applications that can help you hold and trade n-number of cryptocurrencies safely. This also provides a feature of tracking the history and transaction balance over a decentralized network. We make sure that your coins are safe.

Our Blockchain Development Process

Our blockchain development process includes understanding the nature of your niche and identifying the right platform for your business.

Ideation & PoC Development

We start with the ideation and roll out a PoC to justify your blockchain product ideas.

Design & development

The design and development stage is where your product idea takes shape and starts materializing.

Testing & deployment

Product quality is our top priority. We ensure all the products are thoroughly tested and then deployed.

Support & maintenance

Count on us for maintenance and reliable support even after the product is deployed and launched.

Blockchain Development Team‚Äč

Blockchain has been in the market for a long but has gained popularity in the last couple of decades. It has serious relation with the user data and is developed to securely store it. Therefore to get a blockchain application, it is important to tie up with skilled people who can handle the exceptions and errors, if occurred. In BlockchainRabbit, we have a quality Blockchain Development Team that understands the product niche and works best to offer results. Our team is an expert in developing a variety of blockchains like Public, Private, and Hybrid.  As cyber-attacks are rising over all the world, businesses demand the best ways to stay ahead in the competition. With us, you will get guaranteed:

Our professional team meet with the dedicated clients, ask them about their project and write down their future goals and mission. Afterwards, we perform a deep market research on the possible ways to develop project in a minimal cost, with more useful resources that generate maximum revenue and offer a complete roadmap of development. We also cover the list of challenges that can occur and their consequences moreover,  the ways to overcome them and be future-ready.

Blockchain Development Companies in India

Blockchain is a game-changing technology that has shown a revolutionary impact on changing almost every industry like Banking, Hospitality, Education, Music, Fashion, Gaming etc.  It is an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties without the need for a middleman. Blockchain stores data in blocks and each block is linked to the previous one. It’s development process starts with an idea and ends with a fully operational system. The need for blockchain platforms is rising because of cyber data attacks. However, the feature of immutability allows blockchain to prevent data alteration and hacking. 

We are one of the leading Blockchain development Companies in India. Our Development strategies are sincerely focused on the business demand that results the product into more scalable, secure, and transparent. We have a wonderful team of blockchain developers who have the skills and knowledge to make proficient systems for your business. We work with the process of identifying the problem or need and analyzing it in detail. Then, a team of developers will start exploring different solutions, including initial prototypes of blockchain software development. And finally, they will work on implementing their solution in production-ready code. We help startups, mid-level, and enterprises to cop-up the Digital world technologies and be a stronger brand in the market.

Why Choose Blockchain Rabbit for Blockchain Development?

We are the leading blockchain development company in India developing solutions to improve your existing business processes and providing you with the benefits of a decentralized network.

We are ready to build your ideas!

Industries We Serve

There are already so many sectors that are leveraging the potential of Blockchain. Here are the sectors for which we provide blockchain app development services.

Supply Chain

Digitalize your physical assets and keep a track of all the processes from production to delivery.Enhance business transparency and reduce fraud for high-value goods.

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Transport & Logistics

With the implementation of blockchain, you can verify and authenticate the transport orders effectively.

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Improve your business proficiency with the help of blockchain. Move your funds, store customer data, and automate your transactions amidst supreme security features.

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Decentralize the patient’s health history and maintain and access medical records. Enhance the security of medical information through Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT).

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Blockchain fills the gap in visibility and makes the process more trustworthy and transparent.       You can detect fraudulent activities like multiple claims and secure the data using cryptographic signatures.

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Real Estate

Maintain product quality, manage consumer data, track inventory and automate back-office processes using blockchain.

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Safeguard your critical data from online threats and DDOS attacks with the decentralized storage solution.

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Incorporate blockchain with your IoT Systems. Secure your IoT devices using public-key cryptography and protect the communication from hackers.

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Reshape your telecom business model by implementing blockchain technology.Improve customer experience, protect your data and enhance operational efficiency.

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This platform is amazing, i can’t say anything about this platform, really helpful!

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    Frequently Asked. Questions

    What is blockchain technology?
    A blockchain is an advanced technology in which the data is shared in the form of blocks. Each block contains a chain of data and is linked to the previous block with an immutable cryptographic signature called a hash. This maintains the integrity of data and prevents the system from data tampering and online thefts. Know more about blockchain technology.
    What kind of data can blockchain store?

    Depending on the industry’s needs and type of blockchain, the data stored can be of different types. 

    In the healthcare sector blockchain helps to store the patient’s health records, in the finance sector, it helps to maintain and record the series of transactions, and so on.

    Which companies are using blockchain?

    Big giants like Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, Microsoft, Paypal, etc. are using blockchain to perform their business operations.

    What are the different types of blockchains?
    Blockchain networks are of four types: public, private,  consortium, and hybrid blockchain networks. Read More about the types in detail
    Can blockchain be hacked?

    Blockchain is a decentralized system where the data is encrypted. Also, the blockchain is constantly reviewed by the users on the network, making it difficult for hackers to hack.

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