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NFT Development

NFT Development

With the increase in crypto obsession, NFT has grabbed a lot of users’ attention. NFTs are nothing but digital assets that represent real-world things like digital artwork, collections, paintings, images, videos, etc. These digital assets have the potential to trade online on various marketplaces and generate revenues. The reason behind the craze of NFT is the celebrities’ approach. After seeing last year’s growth of NFT which was about $23 billion, many superstars created their own NFTs and sold them to online NFT marketplaces. 

Fungible Tokens vs NFTs

  • Fungible Tokens can be interchanged easily which is not in the case with NFTs
  • Every NFT has its unique owner identity whereas Fungible tokens do not.

We use the following tokens to create decentralized NFT platforms:

ERC-721: These NFT standards are used to represent the uniqueness of the asset across the world.

ERC-998: This is the upgraded version of ERC-721 standard which gives an advanced option for trading NFTs.

ERC 1155: This is the standard that is used in the development of both fungible and Non-fungible tokens at low cost.

nft development

We offer custom and white-label NFT development services to our clients that include,

  1. NFT APP Development
  2. NFT Token Development
  3. NFT Wallet Development
  4. NFT Website Development
  5. NFT Platform Development
  6. White-label NFT Development

Why choose us as your NFT development company?

  • NFT Consulting and strategy planning.
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Quality NFT Development service
  • Easy Maintenance and Customizations
  • On-Time delivery
  • Maintaining Transparency in process.

NFT Development services

Automate your business to new and a wider level by leveraging our NFT development service. Blockchainrabbit is a NFT development company that offers special Whitelabel NFT development solutions to help you stand out from the crowd.

Why do you need NFT development Services?

NFTs are now the latest and fastest way of selling physical assets online to a marketplace with a wider audience base. Whether it’s gaming or fashion, you can transform your physical product to a digital asset and market it worldwide. This has given investors and even average businesses to scale on a bigger note and get more of their services. Anyone can make a unique collection of their NFTs and trade it on their marketplace. Being a consistent NFT development service provider, we develop the following platform which is,

  • Secure: We at BlockchainRabbit understand user data privacy and work prominently on that. We believe that security is the major factor of any development that’s why we add extra encryption layers to keep your data confidential.
  • Cost-effective: Our team will analyze the product’s niche and will make sure that product development lies within the budget of the client’s requirement. 
  • Transparent: With our custom NFT development services, we ensure that there is proper transparency in the application. Users can track records of which transaction has taken place and what is the status of that transaction.
  • Multi-functional: By Multi-functional it means that the developed application possesses the ability to receive payments in multiple cryptocurrencies.

    NFT Development solutions

  • NFT is a next-gen approach for earning side income in the form of cryptocurrencies. We provide quality NFT Development solutions to help industries generate better revenue.

  • Fashion: With the help of NFT, one can design custom avatars, fashion accessories in the form of tokens. These tokens are immutable and indivisible which means, no one can copy the designs and the original owner can get ownership of the design.
  • Gaming: By adding NFT to video games, players can take advantage of earning additional sources of money in the form of cryptocurrencies. People can buy, sell different gaming skins and guns to other players and can generate revenue.
  • Digital Art: Digital art can be anything like video content, images, GIFs, collectibles, artwork, paintings, etc. Users can tokenize this digital art with the help of blockchain and monetize their talent.  
  • Sports: Sports NFT represents unique digital assets like video headlines, players, sports cards, etc. Users can also choose cards of their favorite players and can bid on them.
  • Real estate: Real estate is a massive revenue-earning industry. By using NFT in real estate, you can tokenize your lands or properties to your name and show your rightful claim over the asset. Dealers can avoid the risk of property claims from third parties. 
  • Music: By integrating NFT into your music, you can avoid the chances of your music or lyrics plagiarism. Being the verified owner of the music, no one can duplicate your asset and use it for their own sake.

developing nft

Developing NFT

The first step to start trading on the NFT marketplace is NFT itself. Although, while Developing NFT certain measurements should be taken care of. Our BlockchainRabbit team validates all the possible features of developing NFT. These are:

  1. Transferable: NFT uses a decentralized approach to blockchain technology which cuts down the need for middlemen and allows secure p2p transactions or trade. So anyone can join this network and participate in it.
  2. Transparent: Although, NFT uses a shared ledger technique but blockchain possesses the property to maintain transparency in the process. As the data is publicly revealed, anybody from the network can check the lifecycle of the product.
  3. Interoperable: With one of the most important properties of blockchain, that is, immutability, once a transaction has been recorded in a blockchain network or NFT standard, it can not be rewritten.
  4. Token Search: With the feature of advanced token search, users can quickly search the NFT collection they are looking for and save time. They also have the option to sort custom categories to check out and participate in the auction.
  5. NFT Rating: Our developed Marketplace has the ability to place NFTs rank-wise. They could be sorted according to the price, trade volume, collection type, etc. This helps users to give suggestions on particular products and builds their decision-making power.

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