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NFT App Development

NFT App Development

What¬†NFT App Development¬†service do we provideŠĻ£?

NFTs or Non Fungible tokens are mined from digital objects that include, GIFs, images, videos, music, digital art, or anything that is tangible or non-tangible. They strictly exist on Ethereum platforms and work on distributed shared ledger technology. Although it is coded with the same technology as cryptocurrency, it’s unlike them. This is so because every NFT has different rates so can not be considered tangible.¬†With a stronger base in building decentralized applications, we offer a plethora of NFT App Development choices to our clients. We build in the following areas:

  • NFT Wallet App
  • NFT Marketplace App
  • NFT Game App

Our NFT App Development industries:

  • Gaming
  • Fashion
  • Marketplaces
  • Art
  • Real-estate
  • Sports
  • Domain Names
nft app development

Why choose our NFT App Development services?

Security integration: We apply multiple encryption layers and advance security algorithms to the application to safeguard it from third-party hacks.

Cross-platform compatibility: We develop applications that are accessible from any place and are easy to use. We also make sure that our developed application is capable of accepting every possible cryptocurrency to buy any asset. 

Wallet integration: Our expert team believes that security is in utmost demand for any application. We ensure that we integrate the safest wallet to the NFT app for easy trading of NFTs.

Bidding: We at BlockchainRabbit make our application versatile by adding multiple bidding methods. Users can take part in multiple auctions at the same time and make a bid on it.

NFT Website Development

The biggest advantage of NFT website development is users from anywhere around the world can create, buy and sell their NFTs easily and generate revenue from them. We at BlockchainRabbit will help you make an awesome Website where you can trade your NFTs securely and quickly. The following are the key points to consider while developing the NFT website.

Niche: Be very specific with the niche. You need to be very clear about the project you are looking for and its market scope. Our expert team can help you find out what niche to opt for, in case you are still confused.

Blockchain Platform: Developing a NFT website is not a game. The real challenge is to opt for the right blockchain platform to develop your NFT website. We have a dedicated team of researchers who can guide you about the benefits of each blockchain platform.

Design: Users always run after simple designs. No matter if your website is fully optimized, you can not survive if you do not have client satisfaction. Here we are to help you. We can help you in building user-friendly UI and UX for your client retention. 

Smart integrations: Implementing smart contracts in your website can ease the task for you. It automates the website and makes the transactions transparent to you. Also adding a wallet will secure your NFT transactions.

NFT Platform Development

NFT platform is a marketplace in which users can participate in various auctions to buy, sell or trade their NFTs. By creating an NFT website platform, users get a chance of earning residual income by showcasing their talents. Not only end users, but even businesses of any level can also convert their physical service/ product/ asset into NFT and sell it to the world. This helps them to become a verified owner of the product and avoids product duplication. Unlock new side of opportunities with BlockchainRabbit by leveraging our advanced NFT platform development services.

We provide services of NFT platform development on the following blockchain networks:

  • Binance Chain¬†
  • Solana
  • Polygon


nft app development

Working principle of NFT Platform Development:

Seller side: 

  1. Sellers must be clear with the NFT platform they are choosing to store their digital assets. 
  2. Then, they can create their space to create and manage their NFT’s 
  3. After creating a dedicated collection, sellers must specify the details of NFT such as Name, Price , category etc.
  4. After paying the transaction fee, smart contracts will automatically generate NFT which users can put on sale.


Buyer side:

  1. Buyer can login or register to its account via 2F authentication. 
  2. After registering they need to set up a wallet to store digital assets.
  3. Further, the end user can choose the collection type or single NFT and complete the process of buying.


Administration side:

  1. Choice of adding or removing NFT categories
  2. Power of deleting duplicate NFT
  3. Ability to edit the NFT service list
  4. Dashboard for re-writing FAQs
  5. Re-structuring the selling or buying fee.

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