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Custom Blockchain Development

Custom Blockchain Application Development

BlockchainRabbit is a Custom blockchain application development company. We help different industries in planning and developing custom blockchain apps for transforming it to the next level. We build benefits in the following industries:

Real Estate: 

  • Creating immutable registries.
  • Eliminating middlemen.
  • Lowering the third-party fee.


  • Automate identity verification systems.
  • Maintain Transparency.


  • Secure ownership on digital assets.
  • Cut-down middle cost for the marketplace.


  • Better medical assistant.
  • Patient data security.
  • Effective communication between patient and medical service provider.


  • Secure and Quicker Transactions
  • Reduced fraud.


  • Maintain Quality control
  • Product Traceability
  • Smart monitoring


  • Reduce energy costs
  • Automated energy distribution
  • Distributing green energy from solar panels to neighborhood¬†

Digital industry:

  • Managing decentralized database through smart contracts
  • Maintains transparency
  • Verified royalty to assets.
Custom Blockchain Development

How is Blockchain empowering industries?

As the name suggests, Blockchain is a chain of different data blocks that are linked to each other. Blockchain technology has been around for a while now, but it has only recently started to gain traction in industries outside of finance. The technology is being used in supply chain management, healthcare, and even government. What makes blockchain technology so popular is that it is able to protect and preserve records that are open and transparent. 

The blockchain can help people build trust in the interactions they have with each other. It also helps companies keep track of their supply chains and offer transparency on where products come from. and how they are made. The blockchain can also help people and companies store personal information securely. Blockchain Technology is the perfect ally for new forms of digital identity that allow people to maintain their data and control it over time, rather than have it stored on a centralized database that can be hacked. 

Following are some of the key benefits that make Blockchain different from traditional technologies.

  • Cost Reduction: Blockchain cuts down the involvement of third parties and saves the cost that is used for operations.
  • Transparency: Blockchain has its key property of immutability, which discards the random activity of accessing data. This maintains trust between business partners and offers transparency in the process.
  • Fasten Payments: The time taken for transactions reduce as there are no intermediatory parties involved in statement billing and invoices.  
  • Security: Being a decentralized platform, security is the biggest concern of blockchain. It has complex security algorithms that allow users to store, verify and track the information stored by them and also save it from cyber-attacks

Custom Blockchain Development

It requires deep-down industry experience for Custom blockchain development. Our team uses the latest technologies and tools to make your apps innovative and futuristic. We at BlockchainRabbit use the following approach for a successful blockchain app.

  1. Research:  Research phase is always important before getting into any project. We perform a deep analysis of your business requirements and follow an agile approach for reaching out to your business goals. 
  2. Develop: After putting down everything on paper, we create documentation to give a structure to your project. We use agile methodologies to code your blockchain app and ensure that it works well on every device properly.
  3. Deploy: Before deployment, our best team checks if the product is successfully fitting in the real-world environment and is able to support multiple queries and updates at the same time without crashing.
  4. Support: We provide consistent support to application, its maintenance and upgrades. Our technical team shows their 24 hours availability and validates that your every query is resolved. We use the ultimate technology stack for your Custom blockchain development.

Further we use Programming Languages:  Python, C++, C#, JavaScript, Node.js, Java, React Js, GO, Solidity.

Blockchain Platform Technologies we build on: Ethereum, Tron, Hyperledger, EOS, L3COS.

Custom Blockchain Development

Properties of Custom Blockchain Development

Blockchain uses the most reliable technology like decentralization which allows businesses to be safe from fraud and cyber hacking. Following are some of the properties of blockchain, which makes blockchain adaptable in every industry.

Decentralized: The blockchain network is decentralized, which means there is no central authority taking care of all the decisions. The p2p network, which works on distributed ledger technology  is only responsible for taking control over their assets.

Secure and Transparent: Industries like Bank, which store a whole database of transactions requires a strong base of security. With the rise of cyber crime, hackers try all the possible ways to take over the personal data of users. The information could be so sensitive that it can affect someone badly. That‚Äôs why enterprises, especially banks, demand decentralized technology which can work both ways, that is, provide security to users’ data and offer transparency.¬†

Immutable: Blockchain is a chain of blocks that works on decentralized technology, which means the data stored in any block is immutable. As the data in blockchain is shared among every node of a p2p network, once a transaction marks its record over it, the data inside can not be altered. In simple words, once a transaction is made and validated by the blockchain network, it can not be changed or re-written. 

No third-party involvement: Blockchain technology works independently without the involvement of third parties which make this a versatile benefit for many B2B industries. The benefits include faster transactions, no intermediate fee charge,  lowered network failure, no database alteration.

Distributed: Blockchain works on distributed technology, which means the data is distributed to every node in a p2p network. With distributed ledger technology, a network can easily figure out if there is something fishy going on. In other words, this allows it to detect the changes in the ledger very quickly because in case of any alteration, whole networks need to validate the change.

Start blockchain development

Looking for someone to develop according to your needs? Get started with your blockchain development journey today and transform your application to the next level with BlockchainRabbit.  You can book a call, get a consultation and tell your custom blockchain application needs to our team.

Get consultation:

You can talk to our experts and tell your business goals and requirements and what factors you are looking for in blockchain application development.

Budgeting: Depending on your goals and requirements, our business analysis team will make a thorough report and take all the analysis on how we can get the app cost-effectively.

Blockchain Development: Finally, your blockchain app will be started by our team. You can get any custom or whitelabel blockchain application, depending on your business goals. Our team makes sure that you get the market lead app.

Launch: After product development, it’s time for launch. Our Quality Analyst ensures that the developed application is running smoothly on real-world environment and performs quality checks on the app before launch.

Support: Our BlockchainRabbit team provides post-launch support for maintenance of your app. We make sure your application supports all the functionalities and works well even at the time of upgrading. 

Custom Blockchain Application Development

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