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NFT Flow Blockchain

NFT in Flow Blockchain

Create your own NFT in Flow blockchain and make your business future-ready.


What is Non-Fungital Token (NFT)?

NFT or non-fungible token is data stored on a blockchain that is distinctive in nature and can’t be interchanged.NFT is associated with art, collectibles, and even real estate. They are the tokens that enable you to take ownership of your physical and digital assets by a unique digital signature. In a short span of time, NFT has gained huge popularity and most people are buying NFTs for their assets like paintings, music, artwork, etc., and earning huge amounts of money.

What is Flow Blockchain and How Does it Work?

Flow is a fast, decentralized, and convenient blockchain network that uses a proof-of-stake mechanism and is specifically designed for next-generation apps, games, and digital assets.

In the year 2017, Dapper labs created the world’s first blockchain game Cyptokitties. The game became extremely popular but due to the network congestion, it became impossible for the Ethereum blockchain to tackle the load resulting in delayed transactions and poor user experience.

The company then decided to create a blockchain network that can be ideal for crypto games and collectibles and this is how Flow blockchain was introduced.

Flow blockchain is fast, secure, scalable, and helpful for the users as they can seamlessly make transactions of real cash into cryptocurrency.

How Flow is Beneficial For NFT Development

Transaction Fee

Unlike other blockchain networks, users do not have to pay a high amount of transactional fee and the amount for processing the transaction in Flow is as low as 0.000001 FLOW.


Flow is able to handle a large number of transactions as the processes are handled by four different categories of nodes – collection nodes, verification nodes, execution nodes, and consensus nodes.

Consensus Mechanism

Flow blockchain uses proof-of-stake consensus mechanism which resolves the complexity of the whole workflow making the transactions faster, secure, and highly effective.

Smart contracts

Developers aren’t able to make any amendments in smart contracts once they are executed but Flow blockchain enables the developers to make the necessary updates and improve the code of the smart contracts whenever required.

Why Choose Blockchainrabbit as your NFT Development Company?

We provide NFT development services in Flow blockchain to deliver you the next-generation solution for your business growth and success. NFTs are an emerging trend in various industries like sports, games, eCommerce, etc. Create an NFT using a Flow chain and experience the fast and low-cost transactions. You can leverage the features of Flow blockchain that provide you with profits and help you to deliver a consumer-friendly experience to your customers.Choose us as your NFT development company and get a reliable and scalable NFT solution using Flow blockchain

Highly-Skilled Developers

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Quality Assurance

Total blockchain experience - 5+ Years

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Customer Satisfaction - 94%

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In this phase, we will listen to your idea and business requirements for developing NFT.The purpose would be to understand your vision and guide you with the right set of technologies and a team of experts.


In this phase, we create a roadmap and plan to create an efficient and reliable NFT solution where you can buy, sell and trade your assets effectively.


This is a development phase where our highly proficient team will work on the plan and develop an NFT marketplace solution to meet your business goals and requirements.


Once the development phase is completed, we will ask for your approval to launch the NFT marketplace solution on compatible platforms.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to launch your own NFT in Flow?

    All you require – skilled developers, the latest technologies, and the appropriate platform. Based on your business model, Blockchainrabbit helps you to launch your own NFT using Flow blockchain where you can buy, sell and trade your collectibles and digital assets to generate revenue.

    How much budget is required to launch an NFT using Flow?

    The budget simply depends on your business model. We create and launch reliable NFT using Flow blockchain to deliver you a robust solution at affordable prices.

    How long does it take to build an NFT in Flow?

    We have various phases to process your business idea and deliver you the optimum product. There are various factors like features, chosen platform, technology stack, etc. which decide the timeline for the successful delivery.

    How Flow is better than Ethereum?

    Flow was developed to overcome the challenges like network congestion, high processing fees, and scalability that were faced by users in the Ethereum blockchain. Thus Flow focuses on all these aspects that make it a superior blockchain network over Ethereum.

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