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Build an enterprise-grade solution to evolve in the digital world with our Blockchain Consulting Services.


Why Should You Go For Blockchain Consulting Services?

Whether you are a startup or a large-scale enterprise, implementing blockchain technology into your business will open new doors for success.

Efficient solutions

We advise you on various blockchain platforms, technologies, protocols, and cryptocurrencies and hel you create efficient and reliable solutions.

Secure solutions

Our blockchain consultants identify and develop a system ensuring transparency, security, and traceability of your business information.

Right solutions

The blockchain consultants do an in-depth analysis of your business and evaluate the appropriate blockchain technology and platform suitable for your business model.

Our Blockchain Consulting Services

We offer blockchain consulting services to provide you our valuable insights on the selecting right technology, platform, and having an enterprise-grade business solution.

Hands-on Training

We launch our blockchain consulting efforts by bringing in our team of experts who conduct live workshops and webinars to demonstrate the benefits of blockchain and its use cases.

Blockchain Consulting

Our blockchain consulting services analyze your current business solution and determine the implementation of blockchain into the existing infrastructure. We guide you with the appropriate blockchain technology for your desired blockchain solution.


We create Proof of Concept (PoC) to provide you with an overview of your blockchain project. With the help of PoC, you will have an idea of how the blockchain will be integrated with your existing business solution and how the blockchain ecosystem will work which will resolve all your queries.

Blockchain Development

We have a highly skilled team of blockchain developers who implement blockchain to your existing business model and provide you with a comprehensive blockchain solution to automate your business processes effectively.

Our Blockchain Consulting Process

Our blockchain consulting process includes understanding your business model and determining the appropriate blockchain technology for your business. 

From ideation to execution our blockchain consulting services ensure an impactful solution with real-life applications to unlock your opportunities in the digital space.


In this phase, our blockchain consultants understand the feasibility of your project and strategize the workflow.


In this phase, our blockchain developers create a framework with the necessary features to present a demo of a viable solution.


This phase includes the testing of the framework and making necessary changes as per the requirements.


In this phase, our blockchain consultants will help you with the successful development of your blockchain application.

Industries we serve

Supply Chain

Digitalize your physical assets with our blockchain consulting and keep a track of all the processes from production to delivery. Enhance business transparency and reduce fraud for high-value goods.

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 Improve your business proficiency with the help of our blockchain consulting services. Integrate your business infrastructure with blockchain to automate your transactions amidst supreme security features.

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Decentralize the patient’s health history and maintain and access medical records. Our blockchain consultants will help you to enhance the security of medical information through Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT).

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Our blockchain experts will provide an appropriate solution to build a blockchain application that is trustworthy and transparent. You can detect fraudulent activities like multiple claims and secure the data using cryptographic signatures.

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Real Estate

We can guide you with a proper strategy and plan to build a blockchain solution for your real estate business. Our blockchain consultancy offers reliable solutions to maintain product quality, manage consumer data, track inventory and automate back-office processes using blockchain.

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Leverage our blockchain expertise to safeguard your critical data from online threats and DDOS attacks with the decentralized storage solution. Our blockchain consultants help you to create a robust blockchain solution offering utmost security. 

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Why Hire Us As Your Blockchain Consultant?

We are the leading blockchain consulting company in India to guide you with the right set of blockchain technologies and platforms, helping to transform your blockchain vision into business growth. 

We are here to help you lead in this transformative era and have an edge over your competitors. Our blockchain consulting services help you unlock your business potential in the blockchain ecosystem and maximize your reach.

If you are facing any barriers to implementing your blockchain agenda, don’t worry! All you need is our blockchain consulting services to identify the issues and find the optimal solution to develop your blockchain application.

Highly-Skilled Developers

World-Class Technologies

Quality Assurance

Customer Satisfaction - 94%

Meet Our Blockchain Consultants

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    Frequently Asked. Questions

    What is blockchain technology?

     A blockchain is an advanced technology in which the data is shared in the form of blocks. Each block contains a chain of data and is linked to the previous block with an immutable cryptographic signature called a hash. This maintains the integrity of data and prevents the system from data tampering and online thefts. Know more about blockchain technology.

    How are Blockchain Rabbit consulting services different from others?

    We have highly efficient blockchain experts who analyze and do in-depth research of your existing model and advise you on the best blockchain technologies in the market.We can choose the best from our talented team to transform your business aspirations into a successful real-life application.

    What are the limitations of Blockchain?

    Though blockchain is a trending technology, there are certain limitations and challenges in blockchain applications. The blockchain architecture is high on energy consumption and has few scalability issues also.

    Can I hire a blockchain consultant in less than 48-hours?

    Hiring a blockchain consultant from Blockchain Rabbit is quite easy and convenient. Contact us today and we will provide you with the best blockchain consultants to understand your needs and start off with your project instantly.

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