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Cryptocurrency Development Services

Cryptocurrency Development Services

Want a Profitable Business? Create your own cryptocurrency and step into the world of virtual currencies.


What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is decentralized digital money that enables you to buy, sell and trade without the need of any central authority like a government or bank.


When you exchange cryptocurrency, the transactions are recorded on a public ledger and are secured by cryptography making it safe and secure.


Bitcoin, one of the most popular types of cryptocurrency was founded in the year 2009 and is still popular in the digital world.


Besides Bitcoin, there are many other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc in which companies are investing, trading, and making huge profits.

Industries Utilizing Cryptocurrency Development

Industries are using cryptocurrency to improvise their business operations and make payment processing convenient for their customers.

Here are the top 4 Industries using cryptocurrency to boost their business.

Online Gaming

Cryptocurrency is creating a huge impact on the gaming industry. Most gaming companies are likely to create their own cryptocurrency and reward players for completing challenges by giving them crypto coins.

Retail Market

To match the trend and facilitate the customers, online stores like Walmart and Amazon, etc. have announced the support for virtual currency. Online stores like Shopify, Newegg, etc. accept cryptocurrencies to facilitate customers with data privacy and security.

Food Industry

Cryptocurrency is in growing demand in the food sector. As blockchain technology provides seamless payment and transparency in the process, many food giants like Walmart and Nestle are using cryptocurrency to make their operations fast and reliable.

Media & Entertainment

Seeking cryptocurrency benefits the entertainment industry is all geared up to accept bitcoins for booking movie tickets. Users can now watch online movies, download songs all by making payments using their crypto coins.

How Altcoin & Cryptocurrency Development Will Transform Your Business?

With the advent of cryptocurrency, businesses are more inclined towards having a system where they can make online transactions with utmost transparency and security.Businesses across the globe are stepping into coin development to leverage the benefits of digital currencies and boost their business growth.

Secure and Cost-Effective Storage

Secure and Cost-Effective Storage

Blockchain-based applications provide a high level of security to store your business information on the cloud at affordable prices.



In this digital era, privacy is the main concern for anyone using the internet. Cryptocurrency ensures customer confidentiality and data security.

Prevents Chargeback Fraud

Prevents Chargeback Fraud

Cryptocurrency protects the business from fraudsters as the payments are recorded on a blockchain and canā€™t be reversed.

Seamless cross-border transactions

Seamless cross-border transactions

Cryptocurrency eliminates the need for middlemen and hence removes the additional payment processing costs.

Enhance Business Reach

Enhance Business Reach

Cryptocurrency will open new horizons for you in the competitive market. Adopting this technology will help in better business reach and growth.

Decentralized Network

Decentralized Network

Cryptocurrency makes it easy for you to process the payment without waiting for the approval of any centralized authority.

Our Cryptocurrency Development Services

Cryptocoin Development

We are the best crypto and altcoin development company that can revolutionize your online payment processing system. Our cryptocurrency development firm provides you with comprehensive services to scale your business for faster and more secure transactions.

Crypto Wallet Development

We are well versed in developing a highly efficient cryptocurrency architecture to secure your online payments. Our cryptocurrency wallet development services provide you with a personalized bitcoin wallet where you can share, store or save your bitcoins.

Crypto Exchange Development

We develop a crypto exchange platform that runs smoothly on the blockchain. Our cryptocurrency development services allow you to trade different currencies on a robust and secure platform.

Other Services

STO Development

Raise funds for your business venture and investors all across the globe using Security Token Offering (STO). We offer advanced STO development services helping you to tokenize your real-world assets through a secured blockchain ledger, compliant with SEC. We take care of the whole STO development process from scratch till the end.

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ICO Development

Launch your own ICO and bring excellence to your business. We offer Initial Coin Offering (ICO) development services to maximize the opportunities for your business. We provide end-end solutions from idea, research, and implementation.

Learn more

ILO Development

Ā Initial liquidity offering (ILO) is a new fundraising model that is ahead of ICO. We provide ILO development services integrated with Automated Marketing Maker (AMM) mechanism that facilitates your business to attract investors and partners quickly.

Learn more

IDO Development

We provide Initial Dex Offering (IDO) development services to businesses looking to bootstrap their project and raise funds. This fundraising model is decentralized and enables immediate liquidity through liquidity exchange.

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IFO Development

We provide Initial Farm Offering (IFO) development services to help you raise profits for your business. IFO enables you to initiate token offering of your business on a pre-sale platform before listing it on any platform.

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IIO Development

We provide Initial Insurance Offering (IIO) development services to make your project successful. Initiate token offerings to the distributors through the European trading system and take advantage of this emerging model.

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Our 5-Step Cryptocurrency Development Process

In the beginning, we will determine the blockchain algorithm, mining setup, hash values, etc.





Whitepaper Creation

We will write your whitepaper which covers all the details of your project, planning of goals and desired outcomes.

Design Phase

In this phase, our team of designers will take care of all technical aspects likeĀ connecting nodes, setting up your wallet, etc.

Development Phase

In the Cryptocurrency development phase, we will create your wallet, implement the algorithm, hash values, blocks, etc.

Testing & Deployment

Our cryptocurrency development team will deploy your project, check the functioning of nodes, wallet and identify and resolve bugs.

Why Choose Blockchain Rabbit for Cryptocurrency Development?

We are the best cryptocurrency development company in India offering a scalable platform for faster payment processing with advanced security features.

Highly-Skilled Developers

World-Class Technologies

Quality Assurance

Customer Satisfaction - 94%

Cryptocurrency Development Technology Stack We Work On











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    Frequently Asked. Questions

    Cryptocurrencies are legal in most countries like the USA, India, the United Kingdom, Japan, etc. but there are few countries like China, Bangladesh, Egypt, Algeria, etc. have imposed a ban on the trading of crypto.

    How can I launch my own cryptocurrency?

    All you need to do is share your business requirements with us and we will take care of everything from ideation to execution. Get in touch with us.

    What are the different types of tokens in cryptocurrency?

    There are three types of tokens in cryptocurrency – Currency Tokens, Utility Tokens & Investment Tokens.

    Is cryptocurrency safe?

    Cryptocurrencies are virtual or digital assets developed on blockchain technology so they are safe to buy, trade, or sell. Read more about blockchain technology.

    What cryptocurrencies does Blockchainrabbit develop?

    We develop cryptocurrencies on Ethereum, Solana,Polkadot, Hyperledger, Cardano etc.

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