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Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is a new

and innovative way to implement decentralization.

Origin of Blockchain Technology

In the year 1991, blockchain technology was originally described by two researchers Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta but the technology came into the limelight in the year 2008, when Santoshi Nakamoto (a person or group of persons) conceptualized the application of blockchain.









How Blockchain Technology Works?

Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger where the data is distributed throughout the network in the form of blocks. Each block comprises three elements: data, nonce (number only used once), and hash.

4 Types of Blockchain Networks

Public Blockchain Network

A public blockchain network is decentralized in nature where anyone can enter the blockchain ecosystem and participate in the activities of the network. Each node has equal rights, they can create the block, validate the block, etc. in the blockchain network.

Private Blockchain Network

The private blockchain network is partially decentralized and is primarily used by private organizations. In this network, a trusted intermediate or central authority allows the verified entity to enter the network. And the access granted to each node in this network is different.

Hybrid Blockchain Network

Hybrid, also known as permissioned blockchain network utilizes the features of both decentralized and centralized networks. In a hybrid network, some of the authorized individuals get special access and decide which node can participate in the network and in what transactions.

Consortium Blockchain Network

Consortium blockchain network has the features of both public and private networks.
In this network, instead of a single entity, a group of pre-selected companies manages the network. These are much more secure and are more decentralized than private blockchain networks.

How Blockchain Technology Is Going To Boost Your Business

There is a new wave of interest emerging in businesses when it comes to blockchain technology. Ever since the concept has been introduced, various industries are taking advantage of blockchain to maximize the potential of their business and generate better results.

Here are the advantages of blockchain technology:

Decentralized Structure

A blockchain solution helps your business to have a decentralized network where an exact copy of the data is shared within the ecosystem in the form of distributed ledger instead of relying on a single central server.

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Reduced Cost

Blockchain solutions eliminate the need for any middleman and third-party vendors. You can plug new members or partners into your digital ecosystem and cut the operational costs charged by third parties.

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Blockchain decentralized nature removes the risk of any third-party source, providing a higher degree of privacy and security to your business. The data is end-to-end encrypted and protects the system from any fraud and unauthorized activity.

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Tokenization can provide a competitive edge to your business bringing liquidity and credibility into the system. Blockchain allows you to tokenize any asset you want, ensuring transparency and efficiency in the digital ecosystem.

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A blockchain solution benefits your system with 100% transparency. An application built on a blockchain platform ensures that your business information is secured and is not compromised.

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Automate your business workflow by developing a blockchain solution. Blockchain eradicates manual methods, speed up the business process, reduce human errors and eventually save operational cost.

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Role of Blockchain technology in industries

There are already so many sectors that are leveraging the potential of Blockchain. Here’s how blockchain technology is revolutionizing different industries.



Improve your business proficiency with the help of blockchain. Move your funds, store customer data, and automate your transactions amidst supreme security features.



Decentralize the patient’s health history and maintain and access medical records. Enhance the security of medical information through Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT).



Blockchain fills the gap in visibility and makes the process more trustworthy and transparent. You can detect fraudulent activities like multiple claims and secure the data using cryptographic signatures.



Safeguard your critical data from online threats and DDOS attacks with the decentralized storage solution.



Incorporate blockchain technology with your IoT Systems. Secure your IoT devices using public-key cryptography and protect the communication from hackers.



Reshape your telecom business model by implementing blockchain technology.
Improve customer experience, protect your data and enhance operational efficiency.

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Blockchain Technology Integrations












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    Frequently Asked. Questions

    What kind of data can blockchain store?

    Depending on the industry’s needs and type of blockchain, the data stored can be of different types.
    In the healthcare sector blockchain helps to store the patient’s health records, in the finance sector, it helps to maintain and record the series of transactions, and so on.

    Can blockchain be hacked?

    Blockchain is a decentralized system where the data is encrypted. Also, the blockchain is constantly reviewed by the users on the network, making it difficult for hackers to hack.

    Bitcoin is one of the most common and widely used blockchains

    Can blockchain store images?

    Ethereum blockchain enables you to store images in the blockchain. However, the cost of storing images in the Ethereum blockchain is quite expensive

    What are the limitations of Blockchain?

    Though blockchain is a trending technology, there are certain limitations and challenges in blockchain applications. The blockchain architecture is high on energy consumption and has a few scalability issues also.

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